Tour of the Seven-Planet System Around the Star Kepler-90 from Robert Simpson on Vimeo.

Created using Celestia ( and the data from this paper ( describing the system, on which I am a co-author.

Europe in 8 Bits | Titles from Javier Polo on Vimeo.

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Direction, Design, Animation & Music: Device

EUROPE IN 8 BITS is a documentary directed by Javier Polo that explores the world of chip music, a new musical trend that is growing exponentially throughout Europe. The stars of this musical movement reveal to us how to reuse old videogames hardware like Nintendo’s GameBoy, NES, Atari ST, Amiga and the Commodore 64 to turn them into a tool capable of creating a new sound, a modern tempo and an innovative musical style. This is a new way of interpreting music performed by a great many artists who show their skills in turning these “limited” machines designed for leisure in the 80’s into surprising musical instruments and graphical tools. It will leave nobody indifferent.

The daily schedules of the world’s greatest geniuses 

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Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

Music: The New Lobby Boy by Alexandre Desplat

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker reminisces about growing up in a Sheffield haunted by memories of the steel industry – a background he’s now drawn upon for his stirring soundtrack to the archive compilation film The Big Melt, a passionate elegy to Britain’s proud industrial past.

"I gave the order to the police" Turkish Prime minister said.
Berkin Elvan who was shot by an gas cannister on June 16th. Elvan died today. He was just going to the market to buy some bread for the breakfast. Not a protester, just a child! These words on the photograph said by Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the resistance days of Gezi Parki which 9 person were killed by the police’s excessive strenght. He was not a protester, was just a child!